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Our situation began when we purchased a warranty through Public Motors. It took them over 90 days to get our name in the warranties system they kept telling us it takes 30 days (which they turn in every 30 days), then they told us its takes 30-45 days then they told us it may take up to 60 days. All the while we are talking to the warranty company and they informed us that they did not have our paperwork and that the warranties are turned into them within 30 days from the dealership and they did not understand why we were not yet in their system. This was a continues issue we had to deal with and it was an everyday sometimes more than one call a day to find out why Public Motors had not yet given our information over to the warranty provider because we were not in their system. They informed us that the warranty company had our warranty and kept telling us that it takes 30 days; by this time it was already past the 45 days.

We continued to contact Public Motors about this issue and they continued to give us the run around. (We were outside the 40 mile to take our car into them for repairs. Which in their warranty states that we can take it to ANY licensed mechanic for repairs due to the location we live?) All the while we were having issues with our struts and they would not OK the work to be done by our mechanic and we could NOT use our warranty because we were not yet in the system. So after about a month of trying to figure out what was going on Public Motors finally agreed (on 11/19/10) to have our mechanic fix the issue only after they (black mailed) us into signing an agreement that stated we would not cancel our contract before the 60 day warranty was up. (We had NEVER stated we were going to cancel the warranty and just inquired about the process). ONLY then did they agree to OK & pay our mechanic for the work he was going to do. Once our mechanic completed the work it took Public Motors 2 days to get him his payment. And that was ONLY after we made phone call after phone call stating that they needed to pay our mechanic. During all of this I ALSO, reported them to the BBB to complain and ONLY then did they finally began returning our phone calls. Which in turn finally got our CAR repaired after weeks of not even driving it? It's one thing after another with this company! I understand NOW why the BBB has given them an F rating! Our car then began to have transmission issues which started after we bought the car about 2 weeks. We spoke with Public Motors about this problem and they told us because we were not yet in the warranty system they could not OK any work done by our mechanic but if we wanted to bring the car in and if they could duplicate the problem they would fix it. At this time we were still under the 60 day warranty. So we drove over 600 miles (2 cars) to take our car down there to have their employee (Shawn, who was fired and is no longer a Public Motors employee there) told us because he could not feel the issue we were complaining about while test driving the car with my husband, they could do NOTHING for us! He said that if we wanted to leave it and then they would try it in a couple hours and if they could feel it they would fix it. So, we left it with them overnight and later that afternoon Shawn called my husband and said that he could feel the problem but, didn't know if it was a big enough problem to fix. So we drove back to Public Motors to pick our car up and he tried to make us pay a $75 dollar fee (which he said we would have to pay if they did not feel the issue) which Shawn clearly stated in his VM he could. We then received a letter from Public Motors on 12/15/10 stating that they could not duplicate the issue and so they would need my husband's OK to tear the transmission down and fix it. We decided to wait and deal with the warranty company directly because of all the run around and lies we were being told from Public Motors. After 2 weeks of dealing with our warranty company (which we were finally in their system by the end of December) to get our transmission fixed on our car. We put in a claim and began dealing with our warranty. All this time we still had not been driving our car frequently. The warranty claim office sent out an appraiser to test drive our car and *** the issue. The warranty company than called us and told us there was a problem with the transmission, it was slipping and they OK'd the go ahead for repairs. We then get a call from Public Motors stating that the will tow our car and give us a loaner to make the necessary repairs on our vehicle. WHO knows what were going to have to deal with NOW. And our warranty company has informed us that they are getting the run around as well. Mentioned that to my husband more than once. In fact the warranty company suggested that we NOT GIVE UP and keep fighting PUBLIC MOTORS. Interesting to learn that PM NOW wants to fix our repairs, when only a few weeks before BOTH SALLY (who works in the customer service department) and Shawn (the former employee) had told us that NOTHING could be done! We had already left it with them almost a month prior and they were NOT willing to make the repair. And in fact send us PAPERWORK stating that Public Motors indicated there was NEVER even a problem. My husband has talked to countless representatives that continue to give him the run around. NO PHONE calls are ever RETURNED and the following people (Paul, Sally, and Ruby) ONLY pass the issue along to the NEXT person because they do not want to DEAL with it. Not to mention every other representive that pretty much knows us by FIRST name because either I or my husband have called them so MUCH to resolve our problems.

These people are scamers and I DO NOT believe a word that they say. I am reporting them to the BBB for the 2nd time now as well as the DMV and any other agency to REPORT these unethical and POOR business practices. DO NOT TRUST these people and do your RESEARCH. Had I found everything I see NOW on the internet about them I would have NEVER bought a car or even considered it! TAKE ACTION! Report these people, they need to be STOPPED, don't let this happen to someone you know and DON'T purchase a CAR from them!

Monetary Loss: $6751.

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Duluth, Georgia, United States #239070

I think they have more than 1 warranty co? Our issues was that 1) they would not fix the problem after we had brought it to them and 2) they would not OK the amount the warranty co was agreeing to pay and therfor it delayed everything getting done because the warranty did not OK what PM wanted to pay.

Because they were not returning the warranties phone calls it cont'd to get delayed. In the END they made GOOD on the obligations and I am very happy.

It took them only a month and half. It was only through persistance and telling them I would file complaints with whomever I needed to before it got resolved!


So what was the name of the warranty company! I have been calling too and need to get something fixed!

Please help!! Sorry we have to all go through this but maybe we can help the world know not to use this company again.


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