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We continue to contact Public Motors pertaining to getting our transmission fixed and they continued to give us the run around. I had made a previous compliant to the BBB due to the fact the y DO NOT return phone class and emails.

It's one thing after another with this company! I understand NOW why the BBB has given them an F rating! We contacted them about the transmission back in the first week of December. They told us to bring the car in and if they could duplicate the issue they would fix the problem.

So we DROVE over 600 miles (2 cars) and after an employee drove the car with my husband and he could not see there was an issue, Shawn told us there was nothing he could do. He said if we wanted to wait a few hours, he could drive it again and see if there was an issue OTHERWISE they could not help us. We left it with Public Motors overnight. Shawn drove it the VERY NEXT day and left a VM to my husband stating that he could feel the problem but did not know if it was a big enough problem to FIX.

SO when we went to pick up our car they told us because we were not yet in the warranty system (which we had purchased from them) they could not OK any work done. Unless we OK'd the work. At this time we were still under their 60 day warranty. So we drove back to Public Motors to pick our car up and he tried to make us pay a $75 dollar fee (which he said we wouldn't pay if they did not feel the issue) which Shawn clearly stated in his VM he felt.

Then received a letter from Public Motors on 12/15/10 stating that they could not duplicate the issue and would need our OK to tear the transmission down and fix it. We decided to wait and deal with the warranty company directly because of all the run around and lies we were being told from Public Motors. We put in a claim and began dealing with our warranty. The warranty claim office sent out an appraiser to test drive our car and said there was an issue.

The warranty company than called us and told us there was slipping in the transmission and they OK'd the go ahead for repairs. We then get a call from Public Motors stating that the will tow our car and give us a loaner to make the necessary repairs on our vehicle. WHO knows what were going to have to deal with NOW. And our warranty company has informed us that they are getting the run around as well.

Interesting to learn that PM NOW wants to fix our repairs, when only a Month ago they were unwilling. BOTH SALLY (in customer service dept.) and Shawn (Now a former employee) had told us that NOTHING could be done! Sent PAPERWORK stating that Public Motors indicated there was NEVER even a problem. My husband has spoken to countless representatives that continue to give him the run around.

NO PHONE calls are ever RETURNED and the following people (Paul, Sally, & Ruby) ONLY pass the issue along to the NEXT person because they do not want to DEAL with it. Not to mention every other representative.

Pretty much knows us by FIRST name because we have called them so MUCH to resolve this. I am reporting this to the BBB for the 2nd time now as well as the DMV and any other agency to REPORT these unethical and POOR business practices.

Monetary Loss: $6751.

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Duluth, Georgia, United States #239065

They have serval companies I think?? Who did you sign up with??

And our issues was that 1)they did not fix the issue after they asked us to take it to them and 2) they would not call the warranty company to work it out. The warranty company was not willing to ok the amount that PM said they would pay SO the warranty company was delaying things until they could reach PM who would not return their phone calls. In the end they made GOOD on the obligations that they should have.

And I am VERY HAPPY, its all we wanted in the first place! But, its only been a month and a half of dealing with it and it was not until I told them that I would file complaints with whomever I needed to until they paid attention!



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